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Inspiring staff talks

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Personal & inspiring staff talks to break the stigma around mental health issues,  For employees to have a greater understanding of the support on hand by their employers for their own wellbeing.

Importantly for those struggling in crisis in silence or incomprehension to understand their position with position in life, and grow confidence to reach out for support and greater understanding of their mental wellbeing.


"Jason provided a presentation to Investec Asset Finance plc to support our Mental Health Awareness Day. The presentation covered personal experiences and insights into mental health, and we were able to re-inforce a message about the support available to staff concerned about mental health issues."

‘I found this session a lot more personal and rewarding when comparing them against others that I have been to. Although I knew about the support that Investec offers, I know about it in more detail and it is very useful to know. Jason was a very inspirational speaker.’



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Inspiring staff talks by Podcast, Zoom or Teams


"Absolute delight to talk with you Jason. If your story inspires one person who is struggling to reach out for support then the podcast will be worth its weight in gold."

Jeff Dodds, COO Virgin Media

"I found this session a lot more personal and rewarding when comparing th  I work at Virgin Media so had the privilege of listening to the podcast today. Thank you for being so open and honest about a topic that can be really difficult to talk about. A lot of what you talked about really resonated and helped me and I'm sure it will many others"

Ben, Virgin Media employee

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