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Training delivered with passion and lived experience

Staff and community talks, lunch & learn sessions, mental health awareness training.


Virtual Learning

We have responded to the current situation and have created virtual learning sessions, now offering virtual workshops via the on-line video conferencing tools. 


This enables virtual training, where the delegates can use their device at home to participate in a training workshop.  It enables the trainer and the delegates to still have the face to face experience to maximise the learning from the session and ensure the delegates have a high level of engagement.  

From a range of short 2hr, 3hr, 4hr workshop mental health awareness sessions, to full 2 day mental health first aid training, all for staff to be more educated and qualified in understanding mental health issues:

  • Workplace

  • Community

  • Team Sport

  • Individual 1-1

Mental Health Awareness (2hr/3hr/4hr Sessions)


What attendees will learn:

•         What is mental health?

•         Factors which affect mental health

•         Stigma

•         Stress and stress management

•         Spotting signs of distress

•         Mental health conditions

•         Recovery

•         Starting a supportive conversation

•         Supporting mental health at work

•         Useful statistics

•         Helpful resources

I also share my own personal story of struggling with mental health, and how I have managed to turn my life around. 

(I might mention Wilson)

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