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100% Positive feedback:

"Absolutely brilliant course. I learned that mental health issues effect anyone, any age, from all walks of life"

"Excellent content with clear instructions. This is so relatable in all situations and I am inspired to start a conversation with people around me"

"I hope it will change my life"

"I feel a lot more capable to help myself and others who may be struggling, or just to identify"

"Jason creates an open environment, encouraging people to share and learn"

"Jason gave an outstanding, thought provoking presentation and a very personal story"

" A taboo subject that needs to be discussed everywhere"

"Very insightful and lots of tools to make us more aware, thank you"

"Mental Health touches us all, we should all be aware of how we can get support and offer support. Please make this course widely available"

"We look after the body, and Jason reminded us to look after

the mind of others and ourselves"

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