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"I've seen lots of business speakers over the years who were intended to be inspiring, but Jason's presentation ‎will stay longer in the memory and his real life story was genuinely thought provoking and an inspiration."

inspiring talks

Personal & inspiring staff talks to break the stigma around mental health issues,  For employees to have a greater understanding of the support on hand by their employers for their own wellbeing.

life coaching 

To challenge the stigma and unconscious bias on who suffers in silence and why.  To highlight the benefits of reaching out for support at times of need with more confidence  and trust.


From short 2hr to 4hr workshop sessions, to full 2 day mental health first aid training.

For all for staff to be more educated and qualified in understanding mental health issues

'We have been inundated with positive feedback'



- Inspiring positive actions - Challenging the stigma - Engaging in support -


Taking care of your employee mental health & wellbeing

Encouraging staff to talk about problems that  could lead to crisis.
Increasing staff engagement to employee support programmes.
Inspiring staff members to be mental health first aid qualified.
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